Bernd is a Barcelona based award winning industrial designer and innovation consultant.

Bernd guides enterprises and startups through the fuzzy world of research and innovation to successful project implementations. May it be designing a solution with HP on reducing the CO2 footprint of their ink containers, helping clients find out whats next in additive manufacturing, mentoring a startup which brings new forms of life into peoples homes or preparing Cambodian craftsmen for sustainable development in an emerging market. He currently also lectures Innovation Methods & Entrepreneurship at Polytechnic University of Catalonia.


I graduated in industrial design from the University FH Joanneum in Austria and continued my career on different continents. I gained experience in the fields of industry 4.0, consumer electronics, health- and biotech. Currently I consult several international clients on the development of new and innovative projects. Feel free to connect via mail or Linkedin:


Growing up in a small village in the Austrian Alps, I spent most of my days outside discovering nature. Just like back then, I am fascinated by all forms of life, especially how they learn and interact in complex systems. I consantly experiment in the fields of deep learning, causality & correlation, agriculture and soil biology and strongly believe that the combination of these fields hold great potential to transform the relation between us and our environment. First experiments will soon be uploaded to Github: