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Independent expert in circular product & service development, charting your company's path to genuine sustainability. From initial footprint evaluation to implemented solution, meeting public and regulatory expectations

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Impact Measurements
Discover environmental hotspots within your product and organization through footprint assessments following international standards
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Circular Innovation
Merge circular economy thinking and lean development approaches to rapidly build and test circular business ideas of all scales.
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Eco Design
Reduce the environmental impacts of your products & services with the help of an award-winning eco design developer
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Client: HP
Developing the world's most sustainable ink cartridge, from the first idea to global product launch. The successful market introduction sparked a chain reaction in the print industry, with competitors following suit with similar products, establishing HP as a leading beacon in the industry.
Client: IKEA / Space 10
Inspiring IKEA's design & innovation team with a group of international thought leaders on circular economy. In this week-long series of hands-on workshops we reimagined how IKEA might use urban waste as a valuable resource for our everyday lives.
Client: TU Delft / EU Commission
Uncovering and testing circular business opportunities for Cambodian craftsmen in order to survive and maintain fair and sustainable practices in a rapidly changing market. A market in which product orders increasingly go to industrialized neighbor countries.
Client: Paddenstoelenboer
Truly sustainable B2C solutions require specific focus on lowering the need for customer behavior change. Through targeted user behavior research and innovative problem-solving, we made growing alternative protein source at home as simple and beautiful as having a flower bouquet on the dining table.

.reduced over 350 tons co2e. in client's annual emissions

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