I graduated in industrial design at the University FH Joanneum in Austria and continued my career on different continents. I gained experience in the fields of industry 4.0, consumer electronics, health- and biotech. Currently I consult several international clients on the development of new and innovative projects, work on artificial intelligence & computational agriculture projects and lecture „Technological Innovation Management & Organisation“ at the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña.


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Growing up in a small village in the Austrian Alps, I spent most of my days outside discovering nature. Just like back then, I am fascinated by all forms of life, especially how they learn and interact in complex systems. I consantly experiment in the fields of deep learning, causality & correlation, agriculture and soil biology and strongly believe that the combination of these fields hold great potential to transform the relation between us and our environment.


Drawing doodles in my school notebook was the first step towards my career. Doodles are still a great way of conveying ideas and creating them continues to be a passion of mine.  I keep some of my favourites in this mini galery here: