Featured in the Design Forum, Vienna

I´m proud to announce that the Sunglasses, of which the concept I generated for Porsche Design is featured at the Design Forum in Vienna. Exhibited next to objects like the Thonet chair, the first unmanned drone by the former Head of Industrial Design at the FH Joanneum Gerhard Heufler and many more design classics. Thanks to Lisa Klingersberger for this discovery.

crafting wood for happyness


For a while now I was trying to make a present for my dad. He finally received the package so I can put these images online. It’s a two colour stamp for… I guess you could call it a family crest. The wood was tough to manipulate and thus traveled with me between Spain, France and Austria but in the end it turned out quite alright.
Manually working on simple physical objects is something I need to do way more often. It makes me happy, clears my head and is a rewarding thing to go. And by giving it away it makes another person happy as well. Simple. So make more stuff for your loved ones.
Thanks to Phil for finding this amazing piece of wood and to Anton the handyman for lending me his tool kit (I’ll give it back soon I promise)
Next up is a sewing project and a little tiny website. Hope I can show you these projects soon.


thundercats addams family crossover


If I talk to people on the phone I usually start drawing circles which then end up becoming eyes and most of the time I end up with these kind of characters. Here’s one from this evening

New years resolution


Happy New year everyone
The image on the left might be disturbing so I´m making this short. I never did new years resolutions but there’s a first time for everything.
I will start with projects this winter and finish most until mid spring. This time I’ll keep you up to date on the ones that are not top secret.
+ I’m posting more frequent and shorter bits and pieces with less editing. so expect more “gif only” posts without a lot of text.
For now… that all folks

Japan trip gif collection


Boatride to Naoshima


Emilie`s night call


View from Mrs. Yurikos antique shop


Puddi wiggle


Kyoto mill


Kyoto pharmacy sign


Close to the Onigiri place


Kansai airport entertainment

Me gusta

To make it short… I moved… After a constant up and down in Austria I’ve joined a design studio full of wonderful people in Barcelona. Being one of the “mountain folk” this puts me into a very unforeseen situation and I am still wary of things like… short pants, beaches and late lunch. But be not afraid! Besides dodging direct sunlight and munching paella I will work up projects. Also my main project is still under construction and I already have the tools ready in Barcelona… so stay tuned folks.

Hasta luego.

My top 3 news this week: #2

1sketchI found a nice graphic tool “Sketch” for interfaces, websites, etc.

It is kind of a mashup of Photoshop and Illustrator and has great features like CSS export and many other helpful options.  Read more…

1robotsPretty sweet collaborating Lego robots from EPFL.

These little fellas are super versatile robots. Energy management might be a bitch with this concept but hey… Robots! Read more…

1dnaScientists at Icahn School of Medicine are trying to find real life X-Men.

“The Resilience Project” lets you donate DNA to find rare genetic mutations which prevent people from getting certain diseases. Read more…

My first tattoo-illustration


I don’t really accept commission for illustrations anymore… mainly because it takes the magic out of the actual act of drawing. This one here was really fun to work on since I made it for my brother to serve as a tattoo, which made it even more personal. I’ll make some changes but the final version will not be uploaded anywhere. Also I don’t know what all the ropes are for… I just thought it might make a nice geometric theme for the tattoo. The lines will smudge and become less straight over the years so I gave each a natural shakyness and eventually the ink will fade a little bit as well and transform it more and more into an old blueprint like sketch of a sailing boat… so I just tried to consider the effect of time as good as I can.

My top 3 news this week: #1

matterfromlightHow scientists in London might create matter from light this year.

Finally the technology is available to prove the Breit-Wheeler-Theory. An 80 year old theory on making light into matter. Read more…

starwarsDonate 10 $ to UNICEF and get to play a part in the new STAR WARS VII.

I know UNICEF isn’t the most transparent organisation around… but this campaign makes giving even easier. Read more…

zahaJapanese architects petition against Zaha Hadid’s Tokyo stadium.

These heroes are trying to prevent the construction of yet another alien-vagina stadium (and they are right to do so). Read more…