TU Delft / Cambodia

Guiding local students & handcraft companies through the product development process.

Future Living Studio (FLS) was a temporary EU funded project in Phnom Penh. As tourism is booming local craftsmen are having troubles competing with more developed neighboring countries. Khmer craftsmanship takes pride in amazingly detailed work, so our goal was to keep this tradition alive while developing products for a shifting market.

Getting to know our partners

We got to meet amazing people; from experienced craftsmen to energetic business women who all had a surprisingly strong sense for sustainability. Throughout a couple of weeks we got to know their way of working to understand how we can help them best.

Empowering our colleagues

Our goal was not just to help local businesses, but also to transfer knowledge between the European design team and our Cambodian colleagues. Many of them were students eager to learn more about the ideation and development process.

Learning from the masters

Because our partner craftsmen were working quite differently from one another, we split up in several groups to spend quality time understanding the partners’ needs and the techniques they use. We successfully partnered up two craftsmen, who are now running a successful collaboration.

Building future collaborations

We showed our partner companies the value of collaboration and demonstrated options of getting in contact with the tourist sector. Together we developed and exhibited 18 amazing products in form of a collaborative trade show and managed to get follow up projects for our partner craftsmen. I can’t describe how happy I feel about having been part of this project…

Work experience


Co-Founder, developing product & business model

HP Inc.

Head of Industrial Design & Co-Founder Innovation Lab

TU Delft/Cambodia

Product development & business model consultant

Designit London

Multidisciplinary design role in the small London studio

Porsche Design

UI / Fashion / Architectural Freelance Projects


UPC Barcelona

Professor for Innovation MGMT & Entrepreneurship

UID Umeå

Guest Lecturer for Shape & Formal Aesthetics

FH Joanneum Graz

Tutor for Digital Design Tools & Sketch Methods

O’Penh Lab

Co-Founder / Speaker / hosting workshop Events


IKEA & Space10

Invited for Circular Economy Sprint with IKEA

Swing Jacket

Exploration on reclaiming urban space for play

Miro Bike

Fixing increasing policing for urban bicycle riders

Liquid equalizer

My first experiment getting into Coding & Arduino