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If I talk to people on the phone I usually start drawing circles which then end up becoming eyes and most of the time I end up with these kind of characters. Here’s one from this evening

My first tattoo-illustration


I don’t really accept commission for illustrations anymore… mainly because it takes the magic out of the actual act of drawing. This one here was really fun to work on since I made it for my brother to serve as a tattoo, which made it even more personal. I’ll make some changes but the final version will not be uploaded anywhere. Also I don’t know what all the ropes are for… I just thought it might make a nice geometric theme for the tattoo. The lines will smudge and become less straight over the years so I gave each a natural shakyness and eventually the ink will fade a little bit as well and transform it more and more into an old blueprint like sketch of a sailing boat… so I just tried to consider the effect of time as good as I can.


A new personal project coming up. The doodle only semi-connected to it… but hey…
I really have to figure out how to add RSS functionality. Will be right at it this week.

Scannen0017 copy

Happy gift time

Made a little book for a special little person to help her learn some bits of Austrian dialect. Here’s the result and the drawings for the booklet. Also haven’t tried book binding before… nice activity. (The word “Oachkatzlschwoaf” means “squirrel tail” and is very difficult for foreigners to pronounce…making it sort of a little language test)








From my old sketchbooks: 1 Cafe Kafka

I’ll be digitising some of the doodles from my old sketchbooks starting… now.
This one here is from when I waited at the wonderful smokey little Cafe Kafka in Vienna 2013.





Vienna, @Cafe Kafka

light head


London, @lookmumnohands

the guy


This one here was done some years ago and it still is my personal favourite.
Not technique wise or anything but I had a lot of fun doing it and the guy is a special little character to me.
The original should be somewhere in Ireland between whiskey bottles and packages of stew seasoning mix.